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Microsoft Licenses 1 User License for Microsoft Visual

Microsoft Licenses 1 User License for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Retail Pak - Include Visual Basic (No Media or Key)

Microsoft Licenses 1 User License for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Retail Pak - Include Visual Basic (No Media or Key)

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Important Details

  1. License Only
    Please note this is a License ONLY item

Product Description

Nearly all world-class software, from the leading Web Browsers to mission-critical corporate applications, is built using the Microsoft Visual C++ development system. Visual C++ is the most productive C++ tool for the highest-performance development for Windows and the Web. Now you can get a head start on your Windows 2000 Application development with the Windows 2000 Developer’s Readiness Kit, which includes essential developer resources and training. Visual C++ 6.0 brings a new level of productivity to C++, without sacrificing flexibility, performance, and control. In addition to features like IntelliSense Technology and Edit and Continue which significantly speed development time, Visual C++ 6.0 contains greatly improved support for Web and Enterprise development. With Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition, you can create scalable multi-tier applications for Windows and the Web. Extend your productivity with optimized support for Internet, SQL, and COM development. Developers will spend less time building applications, less time coding, less time compiling, and less time debugging, while enjoying greater component reuse. Now you can easily build the smallest ActiveX controls, take advantage of the latest user interface enhancements from Microsoft in your applications, and create multimedia-based highly interactive, Dynamic HTML pages. Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition includes a host of tools to make it easier for development teams to collaborate on projects and share code efficiently while maintaining security and data integrity. Simplify programming with COM+, and build distributed applications with built-in load balancing, transaction support, message queuing, object pooling, security, and integrated component management services. Develop a breadth of solutions from full data warehouses using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, to freely redistributable mobile database applications using the new SQL Server-compatible Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for Visual Studio. To take advantage of robust component development, powerful database tools, and full Internet support to build strategic business solutions, tap into the power and productivity of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition.

Product Specification

Product Description:Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition
Version:Full Version
Media:None, License Only
License Type:1 User
System Requirements:
Operating System:Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later operating system
Processor Type:Pentium 90 or higher processor recommended
Hard Disk Space:Visual Basic: 116MB typical, 135MB max.
Visual C++: 302MB typical, 403MB max.
Visual FoxPro: 85MB typical, 90MB max.
Visual InterDev: 81MB typical, 98MB max.
Visual J++: 86MB typical, 104MB max.
Visual SourceSafe: 59MB typical, 141MB max.
System Memory:32MB of RAM (48MB recommended)
Removable Drive:CD-ROM

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