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Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Enterprise with 25 CAL

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Enterprise with 25 CAL Retail Box - PN: 395-00429

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Enterprise with 25 CAL Retail Box - PN: 395-00429

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Important Details

  1. Q&A about this Retail Version item:

    Q: Will this item be shipped to me? A: Yes

    Q: Before TRUSTprice ship my order, I want to use my own installation disc, or I have trial version installed, can you open the package and email me the keycode? A: Yes

    Q: How do I order? A: Order online, select "Express Keycode Service" in shipping page ($8.5 service fee per order). We'll email keycode within 24 business hours (normally within 1 hour during 9am-4pm Mon-Fri), then ship order most economical way.

    Q: I don't want email keycode service, any other way to ship my order? A: Yes, simply select any other shipping option.

    Q: Why do you provide "Express Keycode Service"? A: This is part of our excellent services to save customer time and money, along with our 100% genuine software and customer satisfaction guarantee.

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: (1) If you're not 100% sure have same disc, take a picture and email to sales@trustprice.com, we will help to verify. (2) If you don't have your own installation disc, please make sure you can find trial version download info from the manufacturer's website, NOT all software products are available for download. (3) No return or refund once keycode is sent. (4) Please green-light emails from TRUSTprice.com

Product Description

Nowadays the worlds of business emplies fast communications that actually mean messaging and collaboration servers. Microsoft Exchange is the e-mail server with integrated groupware that eliminates these trade-offs while making it easier to communicate. It can make your business communications easier. And it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft BackOffice family of server products to create powerful client/server solutions that help you make the most of a world of information.

Exchange server has a lot of helpful features that are essential for business productivity. The messaging platform allows you to choose protocols and clients that are best for your company, rather than locking you into a single protocol environment. The Internet protocols are part of the core server architecture, maintaining high performance. A platform must be easy to manage and administer. Tight integration with the operating system sharing a security context, integration with OS management tools is critical to avoid a duplication of effort. So it won't take you much time and tremendous effort to administer the server. The problem of incompatibility has been successfully solved in the new version of Exchange Server.

Product Specification

Product Description:Exchange Server Enterprise Edition 5
Version:Full Version
License Type:25-pack CALs
Minimum System Requirements:
CPU speed:Intel Pentium - 133 MHz
Operating System:Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
Hard disk:250 MB of available hard-disk space for the recommended installation
Display:VGA or hardware that supports console redirection

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