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Microsoft Office 2008 Business Edition for Mac

Microsoft Office 2008 Business Edition for Mac Promo Retail Box - 1 User/2 MACs

Microsoft Office 2008 Business Edition for Mac Promo Retail Box - 1 User / 2 MACs

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Important Details

  1. Q&A about this Retail Version item:

    Q: Will this item be shipped to me? A: Yes

    Q: Before TRUSTprice ship my order, I want to use my own installation disc, or I have trial version installed, can you open the package and email me the keycode? A: Yes

    Q: How do I order? A: Order online, select "Express Keycode Service" in shipping page ($8.5 service fee per order). We'll email keycode within 24 business hours (normally within 1 hour during 9am-4pm Mon-Fri), then ship order most economical way.

    Q: I don't want email keycode service, any other way to ship my order? A: Yes, simply select any other shipping option.

    Q: Why do you provide "Express Keycode Service"? A: This is part of our excellent services to save customer time and money, along with our 100% genuine software and customer satisfaction guarantee.

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: (1) If you're not 100% sure have same disc, take a picture and email to sales@trustprice.com, we will help to verify. (2) If you don't have your own installation disc, please make sure you can find trial version download info from the manufacturer's website, NOT all software products are available for download. (3) No return or refund once keycode is sent. (4) Please green-light emails from TRUSTprice.com

  2. Promotional - Not for Resale Software

    PLEASE NOTE: Promotional Software - Fully activatable & registerable. Same as RETAIL software that can be bought off the shelf, and may be used in production without expiration in accordance with Microsoft regulations. This item is NOT from MS MAPS (Microsoft Action Pack Subscriptions) nor MS Fulfillment software.

Product Description

Microsoft Office 2008 for MAC Business Edition Promo Retail Pak (Promo version of GYD-00001)

Product Specification

General Information
Manufacturer Part NumberGYD-00001-Promo, GYD-00003
Marketing Information

Your business is everything to you--an extension of your life, an expression of your passion. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition is packed with all the tools and features you need to make your vision a success. Get core Office applications to help you manage your business, organize your data and present a professional image; plus new Exchange Server support and reliable Office for Windows compatibility that take productivity and collaboration to the next

Product Information
What's New About office 2008 for MAc Business Edition

Microsoft Office Live Workspace Support
Share files and collaborate on projects from virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
Store and share documents, contacts, calendars and tasks in a single secure location.

Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition
Stay in sync on all your devices with Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition. Unlock the power of Microsoft Exchange Server (2007 or later versions) so you can sync your email, calendar and notes, between your desktop, laptop and Windows-based mobile phone.

Business templates, themes, and clip art
Look your most professional with customizable business templates that can make brochures, newsletters, and flyers stand out from the crowd. Apply your personal brand to any document with themes, then add the finishing touch with business-right illustrations and clip art.

Remote Desktop for Mac 2
Connect from your Mac to your Windows-based PC quickly and access files, applications, devices and networks with advanced security technology.

Free product training
Build your skills with beginner to advanced video based training from Lynda.com.

  • Stay in touch while on the go
    Sync your email, calendar and contacts via your in-house Exchange Server with ActiveSync.
  • Count on cross-platform compatibility
    Use the same file format as Office for Windows and rely on a sophisticated graphics engine to help ensure accurate, consistent file sharing and printing.
  • Access and share your files online
    Microsoft Office Live Workspace is a security-enhanced "virtual headquarters" where you can share work and collaborate online. For more complex projects, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services support enables you store and share documents, contacts, calendars and tasks in a single secure location.
  • Drive your Windows-based PC from the comfort of your Mac
    With Remote Desktop for Mac 2, you can quickly connect to your Windows-based PC to access files, applications, devices and networks.
  • Take your show on the road
    Export presentations to your iPod or iPhone with PowerPoint 2008. Share your ideas or hold impromptu rehearsals wherever life takes you.
  • Print-ready documents are a snap
    Save money, time and paper. Simple desktop publishing features in Word 2008 let you create high-quality newsletters, brochures and flyers. With Publishing Layout View, you can proof and edit your documents precisely so they print without surprises.
  • Discover the flexibility of Word 2008
    Use the Outline view to organize all your information into a convenient, flexible format, or choose Notebook Layout View to capture text and audio notes on multiple topics.
  • Work faster with your favorite tools
    Whether you're working in Word 2008, Excel 2008 or PowerPoint 2008, the Elements Gallery puts your most commonly used tools and functions at your fingertips so you can create documents more quickly.
  • Quickly create and customize common business documents
    Start with updated templates in Word and Excel 2008, then get creative with easy-to-use Document Elements, Word Art and SmartArt tools. Add your personal brand to any document with Themes, using fonts, colors and graphics you choose and apply with a single click.
  • Personalize mass mailings easily and efficiently
    The Mail Merge feature in Word 2008 lets you efficiently create materials for all your clients, so you can send a personal touch every time.
  • Keep every day on track
    My Day in Entourage 2008 provides a real-time snapshot of your schedule and to-do lists so you stay on track and on time.
  • Stay in sync, anywhere, anytime
    With Entourage 2008, your team can access and manage their email and calendars from any web connection--via Mac, PC or a Windows-based mobile device. With Office Live Workspace, they can quickly launch online folders tailored to the unique needs of each project. Now it's easy to co-author documents and share feedback anytime, online.
  • Take control of your business finances
    Excel 2008 can help you manage your business finances like a pro. Clear, accessible templates, plus enhanced calculation and analysis functions, make it easier to monitor sales and billings.
Included Applications
  • Word 2008 enables you to expand your creativity with confidence. Create high-quality marketing materials like brochures, newsletters, flyers and more with professionally designed, customizable templates. Even add cover pages and bibliographies. Add polish with business-right illustrations using SmartArt and hundreds of specially designed, business-oriented graphics.
  • PowerPoint 2008 makes it easy to present like a pro. Give more polished, creative presentations. Save time and manage presentations better with Presenter Tools. Move about easily with Apple Remote and engage your audience while keeping your presentation running smoothly. Enhanced features like animation paths and animated GIFs are sure to make an impression.
  • Excel 2008 helps you manage business today while you plan for tomorrow. Business growth requires financial planning, and Excel 2008 can help you reach your goals. Updated sorting, formatting and charting tools, together with improved formula-builder and error-finding functions, help you track your progress.
  • Entourage 2008 empowers you to take control of project details. Project Center lets you quickly create, customize and track project-related emails, files, contacts and other important details, in one convenient location. Save your project on your server, and share the information through Entourage 2008.

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