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MSDN Subscription

MSDN Subscription: 4 found

MSDN Subscription Benefits - Building apps that run on Windows, SQL Server or other Microsoft platforms?  Then your MSDN Subscription is the best way to get exactly what you need for your next challenging project. Software, services and support – you get the complete package for all your development and testing needs.

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Open License -

Open License - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w  /  MSDN - License and Software Assurance L&SA (2 Years) OLP NLOpen License - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w / MSDN - License and Software Assurance L&SA (2 Years) OLP NL

ID: 916444

Stock: YESFree Shipping$8,273.46
Open License - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w  /  MSDN - Software Assurance SA (2 Years) OLP NLOpen License - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w / MSDN - Software Assurance SA (2 Years) OLP NL

ID: 916445

Stock: YESFree Shipping$3,037.07

Open License GOVT -

Open License GOVT - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w  /  MSDN - License and Software Assurance Government L&SA GOVT OLP QLFDOpen License GOVT - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w / MSDN - License and Software Assurance Government L&SA GOVT OLP QLFD

ID: 916530

Stock: YESFree Shipping$6,836.17
Open License GOVT - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w  /  MSDN - Software Assurance Government GOVT SA OLP NLOpen License GOVT - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise w / MSDN - Software Assurance Government GOVT SA OLP NL

ID: 916424

Stock: YESFree Shipping$2,509.41
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MSDN Subscriptions Article


            As the pioneering device first developed and utilized by magazines and newspapers well over a century ago, a subscription-based platform is still not only the best and most efficient way to deliver the maximum amount of information to consumers, they also help to build the all-important brand loyalty which keeps satisfied customers coming back for many months more, or even years.


            As the undisputed proverbial ‘biggest bang for your buck,’ subscription business models have since become one of the primary market driving forces for practically every industry imaginable worldwide: cell phone providers, satellite television, gym memberships, internet providers, academic journals, and computer software.


            Back in 1992, computer-titan Microsoft created the Microsoft Development Network (MSDN), an in-house division of the company responsible for managing their relationships with computer software developers and testers around the world via several key media outlets: newsletters, trade shows, website forums, conferences, blogs, and regular DVD distribution. Not long after, Microsoft flung itself onto the subscription bandwagon by offering several annual packages of software subscriptions under their MSDN banner, known appropriately as MSDN Subscriptions.



What Are MSDN Subscriptions?


            Sold as a grouping of core Microsoft products, each stemming from its primary development platform, Visual Studio, an MSDN subscription provides additional rights to freely download and install other software programs as long as they’re being used for development purposes only and not for production. So for a couple of thousand dollars per year, with new additions popping up every few weeks or months, paid subscription holders receive any and all new Microsoft software either on DVD’s or through the convenience of a simple download or two.


            At first, throwing down a few thousand dollars for a yearly software subscription may seem totally out of the question (some subscription packages cost over $5,000 directly through Microsoft), but depending on factors such as long-term cost-effectiveness, your level of personal interest, and a person’s chosen career field, an MSDN subscription can easily prove to be a tremendous financial benefit in the long run, or to call back an earlier phrase, the ‘biggest bang for your buck(s)’.


            MSDN subscriptions are ideal for anyone committed to developing a core business infrastructure, web content, logistical business applications, mobile applications, SQL databases and more. And even if you aren’t necessarily keen on developing your own products, having an MSDN subscription can still help you customize and fine-tune functionality based around other subscription components like Microsoft SQL Server Database technology or MS Sharepoint Collaboration technology as well.



MSDN Subscription Benefits


            MSDN subscriptions benefit individuals and organizations interested in developing applications employing Microsoft products, with their inherent built-in product flexibility that enables those same burgeoning developers to make the most of Microsoft’s company-wide resource pool. Depending on which type of subscription package you opt for (discussed below), said developer can log a certain number of support calls through Microsoft’s tech department. Keep in mind though, that regardless of which package you purchase, everyone who buys an MSDN subscription receives a full Team Foundation Server license which allows your entire design team to reap the most from Microsoft’s proven customer support.


            Annual MSDN subscriptions also come with the ability to have up to two hundred internet connections, allowing for easier product demonstrations without the added hassle of having to purchase CAL’s or Terminal Service Products. There’s also plenty of professional developmental resources and online forums where designers and software enthusiasts can gather, interact in real-time, sharing thoughts and ideas that can benefit the wider MSDN subscription community.


            And even though MSDN subscriptions are given out on an annual basis, according to Microsoft agreements, the actual license to use the software never technically expires. The obvious ‘catch’ to this being that if you allow your subscription renewal period to slip hopelessly away, you won’t be privy to all the regularly updated software. Now if you’ve got some need for outdated Microsoft software like MS DOS 5.0 or any old version of Windows, then go right ahead and use them to your heart’s content . . . plus if you want to copy these archaic programs and share them with all your friends, that’s fine too.


MSDN Subscription Packages


          Microsoft currently offers four main separate MSDN subscription packages (Operating Systems, Professional, Premium, and Ultimate) with a few added choices under their Professional line to pick from.


            All the platforms come standard with a host of customer support related materials and services such as Microsoft E-learning courses (minimum 20 hours per year, valued at $350 per course), one-on-one tech support, priority online forum support, MSDN Magazine, Flash Newsletter, and other specials offered by Microsoft and its partners (product discounts, trainings, events, etc.).


            At the low end of MSDN subscription bundles, there’s Operating Systems, with buyers getting Windows, Windows Server, and a few development kits. Up the price ladder a tad and you arrive at the Professional level. Here you get what Operating Systems receives plus Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, VS Lightswitch, Windows Azure, and Microsoft’s SQL Server. Moving into the Premium realm nabs consumers a hefty batch of software goodies: all the above in addition to MS Office Professional Plus, Dynamics, Project Professional, and Visio Premium. For the Ultimate level you might need the assistance of an oxygen mask, for at this thin-air MSDN subscription altitude purchasers are awarded the lion’s share: Everything mentioned, in addition to Visual Studio Team Explorer, VS Feature Packs, and MS Expression Studio Ultimate. Yes, you get all this . . . but sadly, no ‘bag of chips.’


            Get convenient access to absolutely everything you need to create applications on the trusted Microsoft platform. MSDN subscriptions offer a clear, cost-effective licensing model for Microsoft development tools and software, along with an all-inclusive set of extensive, high-quality consumer-friendly information designed to provide the resources you need to develop at your optimum level, all with the aid of the latest Microsoft technologies at your fingertips.



A Word About Trustprice.com


          There’s a lot of chatter online about the ‘legality’ of re-selling MSDN subscriptions. Rest assured, Trustprice.com is a fully authorized Microsoft Value-Added Reseller, Microsoft Government & Education Reseller, and Microsoft OEM System Builder. Well into its third decade of affordable, ‘trustworthy’ service, Trustprice.com has one of the widest online selections of virtually every kind of genuine wholesale software at the most discounted prices anywhere guaranteed.